Wellness Classes

Once we get you better, it’s time to stay healthy. If you already have a workout plan that you love, then it is time to get back to it. If exercise has not been your thing, but you are ready for a lifestyle change, then let us introduce you to some different types of fitness. At these classes, everyone is a beginner. Get the help you need from Core PT.

If you have any questions, contact Eileen at correspondence@corephysicaltherapy.com.


Core”ective yoga

We love yoga. Flexibility, strength and balance. We know that sometimes, no matter how diligent you are with your practice, you still can’t quite settle into all those poses. We are excited to offer a new program - COREective Yoga. During the yoga session, a Core physical therapist will be available to correct possible restrictions that are holding you back from achieving your best practice.

Class Date & Time: Check back soon for dates and times!

Class Location: Clifton Park office - 258 Ushers Rd Clifton Park, NY


wellness series - therapeutic yoga with chelsea murphy

Life can sometimes destroy our posture and even keep us from properly breathing. Our lives are fast paced and filled with over -booked schedules. Take an hour out of your busy week and join Chelsea Murphy. Let her guide you through corrective and restorative postures, so you can take care of the most important of your life, YOU.

Class will be held in the Clifton Park office - 258 Ushers Rd. Clifton Park, NY