Wellness Classes

Once we get you better it is time to stay healthy and get independently healthier.  If you already have a workout plan that you love, it's time to get back to it.  If exercise has not been your thing and you realize that it is time for a lifestyle change, we can introduce you to many different types of fitness.  At these classes, everyone will be a beginner.  Get positive habits ingrained and love exercise with help from Core PT.



We love yoga.  Flexibility, strength and balance.  It is wonderful.  At Core we have introductory sessions to get you ready to participate in more mainstream studios.  We will teach you yoga so that you love yoga and can feel the full benefits.  We have many types for many types of people.  See the schedule for more information.



Life can sometimes destroy our posture.  Repetitive activities can lead your body into bad positions that eventually it can't get out of.  At Core PT we have a specialized computer program that analyzes your postural pattern and provides targeted exercises to reverse your bad posture.  The exercises are easy and they are immediately effective.  A better posture prevents misuse of joints, pain, and optimizes strength and flexibility.   Stop the pain and call Core PT to start our corrective postural program.