Our  Treatments


 Frequency Specific Microcurrent

This machine has been truly miraculous for our patients who need more than just hands on treatments to help their body return to an independently healthy state.  Using gentle electrical signals, this machine is able to help the body physiologically improve.

At Core, we have seen it successfully help with a wide range of needs including pain, muscle spasms and inflammation.

Science supporting the effectiveness of frequency specific microcurrent is increasing every day but not as fast as the remarkable patient experiences at Core Physical Therapy.

Postural Exercise Program

Egoscue is all about posture and helping the manual therapy treatments become more permanent.  Egoscue is an exercise based program that utilizes pictures taken of your posture and shows you where your alignment should be versus where it actually is. With different stretches and exercises, our posture therapists can get you where you need to be.

Functional Movement Exercise

Functional movement is everything.  We need to move and we need to be functional doing it.  Sometimes, our movement patterns become compensated, especially when we are in repetitive positions or postures.  Our functional movement exercises will help you to get out of those postures that cause your body to compensate.  These exercises will also help you to make new uncompensated patterns which will make you healthier and stronger.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is the treatment that makes Core Physical Therapy stand out from other physical therapy clinics. In our manual therapy sessions, you will experience a variety of techniques, all focused on improving your structure and function. In these sessions, you may be surprised by where we find the problems in your body. Usually, the parts of your body that hurt are not the parts that need to be fixed! They are the ones doing all of the work. That is why they hurt. At Core, we will be looking for the parts of your body that need help. The ones that you are not even aware of. We will find the old injuries that you may have forgotten about and help your body to heal.

We use a variety of  hands-on techniques which includes but not limited to:  myofascial release, massage, craniosacral therapy, strain-counter-strain, muscle energy technique, joint mobilization, neural tissue tension techniques, neuromuscular techniques, treatment of Chapman's reflexes, deep tissue massage and medicupping.


Medicupping is a treatment technique that your therapist might include in your plan of care. It utilizes glass cups which are attached to suction.  The suction allows your therapist to treat adhesions that might be found in your tissue.  These adhesions have the potential to slow down your healing progress.  This technique gently breaks up these adhesions, allowing for improved tissue mobility, increased circulation, and re-absorption of any swelling that might be present.  Once this layer of swelling has been removed, your therapist will be able to more effectively assess your situation and make the necessary changes to improve your pain.  

Watch an example of a medicupping session on a patient who has residual adhesions from a compression injury to the outer leg: