The Training Room

You did everything right.

But when you train, your body still hurts.

Come to the Training Room for answers.

Who wants it?

Smart people who love to exercise but pain is getting in their way of performing better.  Power lifters, cross fitters, triathletes, and everyone else who needs to be better than their body is allowing them to be.  Pain has caused them to plateau or stop training altogether.  

What happens in the training room? 

You come and do what you do best.  While you are working we will be watching, studying and understanding why your body can't get you to your goals.  We make our adjustments and we make your body work better and pain free.

How does it work? 

In a regular physical therapy practice you are being evaluated while performing at a sub maximal level.  If the pain starts at mile 15, how can they see a problem at rest?  We need to see the problem develop during your training.  You show us at your best and we will see the problem.  We will help make your best, better.

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This is a specialized physical therapy evaluation and treatment.   We hold Athletic rooms at our Clifton Park office during specific hours and at area training facilities by request.  If you would like to attend one of of our training rooms or schedule one of our therapists to come to your facility please call for immediate assistance so that painfree can be part of your training progression.