The Core Way

The staff at Core understand that you are an individual. We know that your needs are not going to be the same as the next person. At Core, we have a variety of classes and treatment options which can be combined to help you rediscover the best version of you!


Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a great option for all of our patients. We use manual therapy to identify areas of restriction. These restricted areas can be and are usually the sources of your pain. It doesn’t matter if you are an infant or a centenarian. You can benefit from our manual techniques!


Medicupping is a really great treatment option especially for scar tissue and tissue congestion or swelling. It has been a valuable addition to our manual practice.


Posture is something we all hear about. “Straighten up!” Poor posture is not always caused by “not trying hard enough to stand up straight”. There can be definite structural reasons why you are hunching over. Let us evaluate your posture and we will create a specialized exercise program to help you straighten up.


Functional mobility training

Is getting down on the floor on the bottom of your to-do list? Does rolling over in bed seem impossible? Despite your training, are you not progressing like you think you should? Let our team of functional mobility specialists help you figure out why you aren’t moving like you wish you could.


athletic optimization

Are you frustrated with your sports performance? There is nothing more aggravating then working really hard to do what you love and not see the results you expect. You know that you are not slacking off with your training, yet you are not reaching your goals. It might be because your structure needs a little adjustment. Come see us. We will help you reach your goals!

post - Surgical Rehabilitation

Workouts after surgery?! It can be done and we can help. Using the Inclusion Method, we will make sure that your whole body has recovered from your surgery and is ready to get stronger.



moms & kids

Expecting moms, post partum moms, infants, toddlers and school age kids. Aches and pains can sneak up in you when you least expect it. Let the staff at Core help you figure out why you hurt and get you back up and running again.


Wellness classes

Our wellness classes offer you an opportunity to maximize your health, no matter what your skill level. Take a little time out of your busy schedule and come join us!

Health Hour lectures

Our health hour lectures are geared toward our patients. We want you to be as educated as much as possible about your health and your body. Come listen to our therapists as we discuss various hot health care topics.


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professional Continuing education

Our continuing education classes are meant for the body work professional who is looking for a recharge to their practice or who is in need of CEU’s. Body Connections is the educational division of Core Physical Therapy, and is accredited by the NYS Board of Education for continuing education for both massage therapists and physical therapists.