Hear what our patients have to say about their experiences at Core!


may 2018

"My quality of life has dramatically changed,  because I was willing to try a new, progressive idea in medial services.  I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and was fortunate to have stumbled into the therapist, John Murphy, who started working on me six months ago.  On a scale of 1-10, with a 10 being the worst degree of pain -- my level was a 10.  Each session dramatically reduced my pain level.  John never gave up on me, and today I am a different person.  Thank you, John. "

~ JP  

june 2018

"Steve is a maestro of the human body.  What he did for me is nothing short of a miracle, and I owe his more than I could ever repay.  When I first saw him, I had debilitating pain from head to toe and I had just about given up.  He was able to pinpoint the TRUE cause of my problems and as a result, I have had a reduction in pain nearly 100%.  He reversed my spinal stenosis, nerve damage, arthritis and muscle atrophy, and I haven't taken any medication in months.  His approach is hands on.  It's more of a passive massage compared to active exercises like you'll find at a doctor referred, cookie cutter physical therapist.  The difference is night and day.  Core is the evolution of physical therapy and I couldn't recommend Steve highly enough."


june 2018

"I've had so many successful treatments at Core, so I thought I would give their medicupping treatment a try.  It was one of the most relaxing experiences I've ever had.  I nearly fell asleep!  The machine gently sucks blood into trouble areas and at the same time, releases tension and knots.  When I was done and stood up, it felt like all the weight was released from my back and shoulders.  I felt light as a feather.  I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who has muscle cramps or tightness.  I would compare the end result to a deep tissue massage except without the poking and prodding."

~ KD

june 2018

"...I decided to give the Egoscue postural program a try, which is run by Sue, an extremely knowledgeable and caring person.  I've spent my entire life hunched over.  It eventually it gave my kyphosis and costrochondritis, which resulted in extreme chest pain mimicking a heart attack constantly.  With the combination of the manual therapy releasing my muscles and Sue giving me an extremely easy and actionable posture program, I have not once had any chest pain.  I stand straighter than I ever have in my life.  The exercises in the program are fun, unique and better than any other "traditional" therapist I've seen.  I'm confident that what Sue has taught me will guide me throughout my life to ensure that my posture is never compromised."



June 2018

"Before my debilitating pain, I was in great shape, going to the gym almost every day for nearly two decades.  After my injury, I was depressed and put on 80 pounds.  The pain made it so hard to be active and lose weight, but so easy to put on the pounds.  I thought I would never recover from this cycle.  That all came to an end once I started to see the near immediate results that I go from going to Core.  My pain was reduced so much so that I could actually go to the gym again and  I was able to talk to Steve during my appointments about nutrition and diet.  As a result, have lost over 50 pounds."


July 2018

“I first came to Core for a neck injury, which occurred years prior and for which my doctor had prescribed muscle relaxers, which I was not interested in taking. I did my best to rehab it with stretching, slow range of motion movements, and strengthening, but it became a problem again through practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. After a few months at Core, my neck and the rest of my body felt super durable and the constant occurrence of strains was almost completely eliminated. As its’s a tough sport on the body and not without risks, I am extremely happy with the difference I felt then and now!

I returned years later for a sprained ankle, also from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which I had left mostly untreated for seven months. After a few months at Core,, my range of motion returned to normal, my ankles both feel strong and capable, I have no more pain, even in extreme ranges of motion and pressure, and feel able to fully and safely use my body. I’m super grateful that Core exists and recommend it to anyone I know who is experiencing issues which other treatments have failed at. Thank you Eileen and Alex for your help!”