Surgical Recovery


Hip Replacement

Physical therapy is incredibly important after a hip replacement to prevent scar tissue and to retrain muscles to work properly.  A traditional physical therapist will do a great job getting you up and running after this procedure.

At Core, the experience is extra special.  In addition to following your surgeons guidelines, we also use a combination of manual therapy and structural rehab to maximize your recovery.  The body is greater than the sum of its parts and it is a great idea to make all of those parts work the best they can.

Following rehab at Core, your new hip will not only be the best it can be but the rest of the body will feel new and improved too.  In addition to fixing you, we will introduce you to new habits, so that your likelihood of needing additional joint replacements in the future will be greatly reduced.

You only get one body in this life, give it the best care available.  

Knee Replacement

The pain of knee replacement rehab is legendary.  People brag about their therapists cranking on the knee as hard as they can to gain another degree of motion.

At Core, we feel we should work smarter and not harder.  We also feel we should treat people nicely and not traumatically.  We have an extra arsenal of treatments not common to the typical physical therapy practices that allow us to get more strength and more mobility without the aggressive cranking.  We are fully equipped to work smarter.

Our patients don't brag about how hard we crank on them, they brag how easily we helped them.  

Spinal Surgery

It seems every time you turn around there is a commercial about minimally invasive back surgery. The incision may be small, but the impact can be huge. At Core, we want your back surgery to be as successful as possible. We will use our manual techniques to keep scar tissue at bay, and teach you the best exercises to get you strong again.

Commonly, you hear of back surgery initially being successful, but then 6 months or so later, symptoms start to creep back. Let the therapists at Core help you find harmony with your body so it can recover well and stay well for years to come.

Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder surgery can be so debilitating. It is so easy to take your arm for granted. Once it is out of commission, you quickly realize how much you do with your arms all day long. Whether it is shoulder replacement, reverse shoulder replacement, rotator cuff repair or arthroscopic repair, the staff at Core can help you get through your recovery and get you back to doing all the things you love.