Enough is enough

Shoulder pain is awful.  It isn't the pain so much as what it keeps you from doing.  Reaching for a cup in the cupboard, putting on a jacket, and even sleeping all become a frustrating or even fearful act.

A diagnosis of tendinitis, arthritis, or bursitis all mean the same thing.  A part of your shoulder is inflamed.  Medication will treat the inflammation to a point, but it will never stop the inflammation.  Medication manages the inflammation.  Do you want to manage a problem or fix it?

At Core we want to fix the problem.  How is that possible?  We treat why the pain is there.  

To fix shoulder problems, the therapist needs an understanding of not only shoulder mechanics, but the mechanics of every part of the body that is connected to the shoulder.

That is why we are so successful at Core.  Our purpose is to fix the problem once and for all.