what is that pain in your butt??

Sciatica is an inflammation of the sciatic nerve.  The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that starts at the base of your back and extends all the way down to your foot.  With pressure on the nerve there will be a numbness in the back and leg.  Inflammation of the nerve will cause pain in the back and leg.  It is widely believed, by the majority of healthcare practitioners, that the inflammation is the main problem and that medications and injections can alleviate the condition.  Mechanical reasons for sciatica are typically seen to be related to a muscle called the piriformis or from a compression in the spine.

The cause of sciatica is typically due to inflammation or compression.  The necessary question is then, "what is the cause of the inflammation and compression?".  The issue can be anywhere along the nerve and this extends all the way from the back to the foot.  If there is a problem anywhere, you will feel the symptoms we call sciatica.  Although the problem can be from anywhere, likely places are:  the spine, within the muscles of the back, adhesions within the hamstring, behind the knee, the bones of the lower leg, within the muscles or tissue of the calf and due to foot and ankle sprains.

Then what is the solution?  The answer is simple.   Fix the cause so that the pain goes way.  Throwing treatments at a problem without knowing the specific cause is dangerous, exhausting and costly in both time and money.  If you have a sciatic pain and have a history of an ankle sprain, then likely this is where the sciatic nerve became inflamed.  If, in your history you had a dramatic fall on your hip, then maybe this is the site of the inflammation.  The solution is to find the real source of the problem and to avoid treating the pain.  If you need help finding the cause, give us a call.