Physician's Corner

Core Physical Therapy is a fantastic option to supplement to your plan of care.  If you are on this site it is probably because a patient of yours already had a positive experience here.  We expect that.  We work hard to be the best therapy experience possible.  

We are not like the other practices.  We go deeper.  When we see diagnoses such as arthritis, tendonitis, scoliosis or basically anything else we do not treat the condition directly.  We take the time to understand.  We apply physiological principles of tissue health with a superior understanding of kinesiology to understand why tissues fail to be healthy.  We then apply changes to the body through manual therapy, motor planning, and a multitude of modalities to reestablish global function in order to realize an elimination of the inflammatory process.  To cement the success that we find in our treatments we offer the patients strategies in order to not return to damaging patterns when ever possible through education and wellness classes.

If there is pain and tissue degeneration or irritation without a trauma then something is happening to cause it.  Pain is the body's way of telling a patient that they need Core PT.  

Core PT will find the problem.  Core PT will fix it.

The best way to understand Core PT is to experience it yourself.  For a demonstration, please call or email our office and ask for an introductory evaluation and treatment with John V. Murphy, PT.

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