manual physical therapy

Core Physical Therapy takes everything to a different level  to get you back on your feet, doing what you love. One-on-one treatment sessions with your therapist accomplish just that and more.  Your therapist will complete a thorough investigation to find what is causing the very pain you are experiencing. For example, if you were to  break a bone, such as your right arm, and it heals incorrectly, the body learns to compensate for that and in exchange you may begin to walk a little differently. When you begin to walk differently, you might put more pressure on the left side of your body to balance out and walk evenly. You might notice that your left knee is now hurting.  You then come to physical therapy for left knee pain which "came out of no where".  In order to stop your knee pain,  your therapist may start working on your right arm so that the body can regain its balance.  This will allow your knee to heal and therefore, stop the pain.