Our  Treatments


 Frequency Specific Microcurrent

This machine has been truly miraculous for our patients who need more than just hands on treatments to help their body return to an independently healthy state.  Using gentle electrical signals, this machine is able to help the body physiologically improve.

At Core, we have seen it successfully help with a wide range of needs including pain, muscle spasms and inflammation.

Science supporting the effectiveness of frequency specific microcurrent is increasing every day but not as fast as the remarkable patient experiences at Core Physical Therapy.

Postural Exercise Program

Egoscue is all about posture and helping the manual therapy treatments become more permanent.  Egoscue is an exercise based program that utilizes pictures taken of your posture and shows you where your alignment should be versus where it actually is. With different stretches and exercises, our posture therapists can get you where you need to be.

Functional Movement Exercise

Functional movement is everything.  We need to move and we need to be functional doing it.  Sometimes, our movement patterns become compensated, especially when we are in repetitive positions or postures.  Our functional movement exercises will help you to get out of those postures that cause your body to compensate.  These exercises will also help you to make new uncompensated patterns which will make you healthier and stronger.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is the treatment that makes Core Physical Therapy stand out from other physical therapy clinics. In our manual therapy sessions, you will experience a variety of techniques, all focused on improving your structure and function. In these sessions, you may be surprised by where we find the problems in your body. Usually, the parts of your body that hurt are not the parts that need to be fixed! Those areas in your body are the ones that are doing all of the work. That is why they hurt. At Core, we will be looking for the parts of your body that need help. The ones that you are not even aware of. We will find those old injuries that you may have forgotten about and help your body to heal.

We use a variety of  hands-on techniques which includes but not limited to:  myofascial release, massage, craniosacral therapy, strain-counter-strain, muscle energy technique, joint mobilization, neural tissue tension techniques, neuromuscular techniques, treatment of Chapman's reflexes, and deep tissue massage. 


Medicupping is a treatment technique that your therapist might include in your plan of care. It utilizes glass cups which are attached to suction.  The suction allows your therapist to treat adhesions that might be found in your tissue.  These adhesions have the potential to slow down your healing progress.  This technique gently breaks up these adhesions, allowing for improved tissue mobility as well as the re-absorption of any swelling that might be present.  Once this layer of swelling has been removed, your therapist will be able to more effectively assess your situation and make the necessary changes to improve your pain.  

Watch an example of a medicupping session on a patient who has residual adhesions from a compression injury to the outer leg:

Athletic Optimziation



When your body is working properly, running is awesome.  When it isn't, running is emotionally frustrating and physically destructive.   Running is a full body sport.  Your entire body needs to work properly or you will have accessory motions in your hips, knees and feet that will wear away at the cartilage, ligaments and tendons.  At Core, we will use our advanced evaluative process to fully understand why your body isn't working for you.  We will fix it and help get you back on the road, this time, pain free.



NamastHEY THAT HURTS.  Yoga should be a challenge, but it should not be painful.  We love working with yogis.  You are the most in tune with your bodies and you know when something is wrong.  The thing you don't know is that you can do something about it.  You know all of the right things to do, but your body won't get you there.  That is where Core PT can help.  We do manual therapy.  For a yogi, our job is easy.  Tell us what you can't do and we will correct the structural problem that is keeping you from your goals.  Your yoga practice will excel without these frustrating limitations.  We look forward to being part of your journey.

Cross Fit

You are giving it 100% everyday.  The problem is your body only has 90% to give you.   Without proper alignment and control of all of your joints, your are showing up to the MOD with a compensated and accident prone body.  This is something you can't afford.  You can hide it with medications for a bit, but eventually the problem will just get too bad.  Things will get serious and begin breaking down.  It does not have to be this way.  Core PT has a an evaluative system that finds where your body is working and where it isn't.  When we find out what is not working, we will identify the problem and fix it the right way.  It will be a lot more fun to work out with 100% of you showing up and no pain to slow you down.


Concussion Rehab

After a concussion, your body goes through a lot.  The symptoms of a concussion are horrible.  The therapists at Core PT are well trained in cranial mobilization.  This is an intervention that can put you back together so that the concussion can heal fast and the symptoms can go away.  After you are better, we will make sure that everything is working like it used to and get you back to the life you want.

The Training Room

You did everything right.  But when you train, your body still hurts.  Come to the Training Room for answers.


Smart people who love to exercise, but pain is getting in their way of performing better.  Power lifters, cross fitters, triathletes, and everyone else who needs to be better than their body is allowing them to be.  Pain has caused them to plateau or stop training altogether.  


You come and do what you do best.  While you are working we will be watching, studying and understanding why your body can't get you to your goals.  We make our adjustments and we make your body work better and pain free.


In a regular physical therapy practice, you are being evaluated while performing at a sub-maximal level.  If the pain starts at mile 15, how can they see a problem if you are at rest?  We need to see the problem develop during your training.  At Core, we use a specialized evaluation and treatment process.   We hold "athletic rooms" at our Clifton Park office during specific hours and at area training facilities by request.  If you would like to attend one of of our training rooms or schedule one of our therapists to come to your facility, please call for immediate assistance so that pain-free can be part of your training progression.

Surgical Recovery


Hip Replacement

Physical therapy is incredibly important after a hip replacement to prevent scar tissue and to retrain muscles to work properly.  A traditional physical therapist will do a great job getting you up and running after this procedure.

At Core, the experience is extra special.  In addition to following your surgeons guidelines, we also use a combination of manual therapy and structural rehab to maximize your recovery.  The body is greater than the sum of its parts and it is a great idea to make all of those parts work the best they can.

Following rehab at Core, your new hip will not only be the best it can be but the rest of the body will feel new and improved too.  In addition to fixing you, we will introduce you to new habits, so that your likelihood of needing additional joint replacements in the future will be greatly reduced.

You only get one body in this life, give it the best care available.  

Knee Replacement

The pain of knee replacement rehab is legendary.  People brag about their therapists cranking on the knee as hard as they can to gain another degree of motion.

At Core, we feel we should work smarter and not harder.  We also feel we should treat people nicely and not traumatically.  We have an extra arsenal of treatments not common to the typical physical therapy practices that allow us to get more strength and more mobility without the aggressive cranking.  We are fully equipped to work smarter.

Our patients don't brag about how hard we crank on them, they brag how easily we helped them.  

Spinal Surgery

It seems every time you turn around there is a commercial about minimally invasive back surgery. The incision may be small, but the impact can be huge. At Core, we want your back surgery to be as successful as possible. We will use our manual techniques to keep scar tissue at bay, and teach you the best exercises to get you strong again.

Commonly, you hear of back surgery initially being successful, but then 6 months or so later, symptoms start to creep back. Let the therapists at Core help you find harmony with your body so it can recover well and stay well for years to come.

Comfy Moms

For being a natural event, the typical process of carrying a baby, enduring labor and then delivering a baby seems anything but natural.

Symptoms after childbirth are common.  Things like back pain, incontinence, and constipation are commonly known.  Neck pain, foot pain, rib pain, head aches and others are often related but not easily attributed to the pregnancy and delivery by the patient.

Why does this happen?  How could it not!?

The extreme stress on the body during pregnancy and delivery is only made possible by your body putting itself second, while you are making your baby.  You actually secrete a hormone to make this possible.  In any other condition, a 7-pound kicking object in your body would not be a survivable event!

Ligament stress, adhesions, muscle tears and bone and joint problems are typical.

Getting back to health after a pregnancy might not hurt initially.  As you try to re-enter your pre-baby lifestyle these physical injuries will show themselves with either pain or lack of endurance, strength or range of motion.  

Get the healthy kind of mommy makeover.  

Don't let pregnancy and delivery injuries limit you in the future.  

Find the problems, fix them, and enjoy being you again.


Happy Babies

Babies cry for a reason.  They need something.  They might be hungry or cold, or need a diaper change.  But what do you do when  all of that is done and your baby is still crying?  You go to the doctor.  The doctor assures you that everything is fine but your little pumpkin is still crying.  What should you do next?  You bring your baby to Core.  We will figure out what is irritating her.

May2015 122.JPG

Sometimes, the problem is obvious.  More often however, the problem is very subtle.  Perhaps the baby is dealing with a tight muscle or restriction in a joint that was caused during the birthing process or while in utero.  These mild restrictions irritate the baby and it difficult for him to get comfortable.

May2015 118.JPG

There are a lot of fussy babies out there and a lot of stressed out parents who just want what is best for their baby.  Core therapists are able to evaluate your baby and tell you why he or she might be acting a certain way.  We can take the smallest clues about your baby and string them together to figure out what might be wrong.

May2015 123.JPG

At Core, we have treated babies with a variety of complaints and conditions including:  torticollis, failure to thrive, general discomfort, difficulty eating,  crawling, walking, or sleeping, vomiting, reflux, plagiocephaly (flat spots in the skull), clubbed feet, oral-digital-facial syndrome and hyper-sensitivity.  


Evaluation and treatment of your baby is very gentle.  Your therapist will initially look for symmetry and ease of motion of the joints and soft tissues searching for any injuries that may be present.  It might seem odd that we are looking for injuries, however if you think about squeezing through a 10 cm opening, the possibility of an acquired injury is not that strange.  Any found areas of restriction will be gently massaged and released.  Your baby will typically become very relaxed and fall into a restful sleep for a period of time.  Over the course of a few treatments, your therapist will work through any remaining restrictions, helping your child change the path of their of health for their life.

Healthy Kids

October2015 164.JPG

Kids are great and always seem to be on the go.  Sometimes that on-the-go includes a bump on the noggin or fall on the behind.  At Core, we can take the "ouch" out of the bumps and bruises and get your kids back on their feet again.


The therapists at Core can evaluate your kiddo using the same methods and philosophy as we do to treat adults.  We look for the problems that are causing your child to be in pain.  By identifying and correcting the source of your child's pain, we can effectively take their pain away and get them up and running again.