Inclusion Method

The Inclusion Method was created because the therapists at Core felt that there had to be a better way to help their patients.  Traditional physical therapy training told us that we had to learn everything we could about the painful spot which was presented before us.  We learned a boat load of special tests and how to meticulously measure the motion of the joint.  But nowhere did we learn how to look at a person as just that, a whole person.  At Core, we look at and treat you as a whole person.  We want to know your whole story.  And so, the Inclusion Method was created.  We include everything to determine what is going on in your body.

Your history

Your history is very important to us.  During your evaluation, we will ask you about all of the injuries you have experienced over your lifetime.  Yes, the things that happened to you when you were 5 years old actually matter.  Most of the time, your body can completely heal from an injury.  Once and a while, however your body may only heal 98%.  That left over 2% may be what's causing your problems.  We have all heard someone talk about their "trick ankle" or "bad shoulder" that never seems to fully get better.



Posture and mobility

Once we talk about your history, your therapist, will then assess your posture, strength and range of motion to determine where within your body you are limited.  Most of the time, the part of your body that hurts is not the part that needs to be fixed.  The combination of your history and the objective findings of your posture and mobility will point your therapist in the direction of your body that needs to be fixed.  Sometimes it can be hard to believe that the area that needs to be fixed is not that part that hurts.  Your therapist will be able to prove to you on the spot why it is true.


Treatment of your pain may occur in a variety of forms.  Manual treatments, posture exercises, functional movement exercises, medicupping, frequency specific microcurrent and education are all possibililities.   Education is such a big part of the Inclusion Method.  We want you to be included in your treatment.  The more you understand how your body works and why it compensates the way that it does, the faster you will recover from your pain.  We welcome your questions and encourage you to ask.  Our bodies are complicated and it is easy to be confused.  Your therapist will work hard to not only help you recover from your pain, but make sure you understand it as well.