A Herniated Disc

So you've been diagnosed with a herniated disc. What does that really mean?  

It means that you have just become aware of a relatively normal finding in people that have never had any back pain in their entire life.  It could be the cause of your back pain, but it could also not be the cause of your back pain.  

Typically, people do not get MRI's when they are symptom free.  When tests are done on healthy, pain-free college kids they typically find about a third of them have a herniated disk.

When you get your MRI you are in a lot of physical and emotional pain.  When you see the disk you will think that that must be the cause of what is causing your problem.

This isn't necessarily the case.  If it was, then back surgery would be 100% successful.  It isn't.  Far from it.

Treating back pain isn't binary but our medical system treats back pain like it is.  

There are a lot of causes for awful back pain and a herniated disk is only one of them.  The presence of one does not mean you have found your problem.  You can have a healthy back, herniated disks and back pain all at the same time.    

You don't need to make your problem into a bigger problem. If you are unsure about having surgery for your back problem, call Core Physical Therapy.  If there are alternate causes for your back pain, we will find them for you.  If the cause of your back pain is truly a herniated disk, we will find that too.