Our  Treatments


Manual Physical Therapy

Manual therapy is a treatment option which is not too often seen as a primary option, if an option at all in many traditional physical therapy clinics.  Manual therapy is very important to the Core team.  We use a variety of  hands-on techniques which includes but not limited to:  myofascial release, massage, craniosacral therapy, strain-counter-strain, muscle energy technique, joint mobilization, neural tissue tension techniques, neuromuscular techniques, treatment of Chapman's reflexes, and deep tissue massage.  

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

This machine has been truly miraculous for our patients who need more than just hands on treatments to help their body return to an independently healthy state.  Using gentle electrical signals, this machine is able to help the body physiologically improve.

At Core, we have seen it successfully help with a wide range of needs including pain, muscle spasms and inflammation.

Science supporting the effectiveness of frequency specific microcurrent is increasing every day but not as fast as the remarkable patient experiences at Core Physical Therapy.