Feeling Younger


60 is the new 30 

Youth is not an age.  It is a feeling.  A feeling of limitless energy and flexibility.  Some people are able to retain their youth even when they are very old.  We think a healthy life is often one in which you are young until you die at a very old age.   Andrew Weil, MD boasts that the best sign of health is "compression of morbidity".  The alternative is awful!  Take the time for you.


If you want a comprehensive plan to reboot your life, Core can help.  Healthcare has a silly and shameful habit of blaming all problems on age.  At Core, we know better.  Age is feeling tired, sore and stiff.  It's a result of  traumas, repetitive motion, bad diet,and stress, to name a few.  The effects of all of these things are reversible.  We can help these things, which makes you younger.  We will find out what is causing your body to be stiff and sore and will make it better.  Then, we will introduce you to fun ways to maintain and progress all the positive things that you gained from our treatments.  We also hold classes taught by local experts with great ideas on staying young.  We will help you discover a new and happier you.

what do you need to be independent? 

This is a personal and difficult decision for everyone.  Are you still safe at home?   Are you worried about falls? If you do fall, can you get back up?  Our therapists will evaluate your body from head to toe, looking for fixable problems that are making you feel and move older than you should.  We will then give you exercises and fun activities that retrain your body to function, so that lost abilities can be returned to you.