Q: How do I describe to my friends what you do at Core Physical        Therapy?

A: At Core Physical Therapy we have done our best to listen to our patients and create the best environment for healing. Core physical Therapy offers a completely unique style of physical therapy that is effective for the treatment of chronic pain. The treatments are one-on-one and are specific to each patient. At Core Physical Therapy, it is our goal to find the root of the patient's problem and fix it. We do not treat pain, but instead, we treat the cause of pain. We have taken many steps to offer our patients exceptional service so that their experience with us always exceeds their expectations. 


Q: Why didn't my last physical therapist ask me that?

A: At Core Physical Therapy, the therapists are trained at a superior level and  are dedicated to learning.  We are able to make sense of your complaints and relate them to the complex systems and structures of the human body.  We do not treat everyone the same.  We ask because we need to know.


Q: Why do you call it Core Physical Therapy?

A:  At Core Physical Therapy, it is our goal to find and treat the root of the patient's problem.  Often patients seek treatment at facilities that place heat applications, use electrical stimulation, massage, or deep pressure to the area that hurts.  This method of thinking provides only temporary relief and does not correct the actual problem.  For patients that want to improve and overcome their limitations, it is important to correct the actual problem.  It is important to get to the core.



Q: Can you treat my arthritis?

A: At Core Physical Therapy, the therapists have the ability to greatly improve arthritic conditions.  Arthritis is often a result of an imbalance within the effected joint.  This imbalance can have many causes including tight muscles or poor alignment of the bones comprising the joint.  If the joint surfaces do not contact each other properly, they will be irritated with movement, resulting in swelling.  Both irritation and swelling will cause joint pain locally and may refer this pain to other areas of the body.  We treat the unique cause of the patient's pain by performing an extensive head to toe evaluation and devising an individualistic treatment plan, aimed at correcting the problem.

Q: When can I come in for my first appointment? 


A:   You can schedule over the phone or by stopping in at the office. The first appointment will be an hour long.  Follow up treatments are typically 20 minutes in length.   The twenty minute appointment involves not only the therapist, but the office staff as well.  The office staff will bring you back to a treatment room as soon as you arrive, offering you coffee, tea, juice or water.  Let them know if you have any other needs and they will be happy to assist you!