Comfy Moms

For being a natural event, the typical process of carrying a baby, enduring labor and then delivering a baby seems anything but natural.

Symptoms after childbirth are common.  Things like back pain, incontinence, and constipation are commonly known.  Neck pain, foot pain, rib pain, head aches and others are often related but not easily attributed to the pregnancy and delivery by the patient.

Why does this happen?  How could it not!?

The extreme stress on the body during pregnancy and delivery is only made possible by your body putting itself second, while you are making your baby.  You actually secrete a hormone to make this possible.  In any other condition, a 7-pound kicking object in your body would not be a survivable event!

Ligament stress, adhesions, muscle tears and bone and joint problems are typical.

Getting back to health after a pregnancy might not hurt initially.  As you try to re-enter your pre-baby lifestyle these physical injuries will show themselves with either pain or lack of endurance, strength or range of motion.  

Get the healthy kind of mommy makeover.  

Don't let pregnancy and delivery injuries limit you in the future.  

Find the problems, fix them, and enjoy being you again.