Athletic Optimziation



When your body is working properly, running is awesome.  When it isn't working properly, running is emotionally frustrating and physically destructive.   Running is a full body sport.  Your full body needs to work or you will have accessory motions in your hips, knees and feet that will wear away at the cartilage, ligaments and tendons.  At Core we will use our advanced evaluative process to fully understand why your body isn't working for you.  We will fix it and we will help get you back on the road, pain-free this time.



NamastHEY THAT HURTS.  Yoga should be a challenge but it should not be painful.  We love working with yogis.  You are the most in tune with your bodies and you know when something is wrong.  The thing you don't know is that you can do something about it.  You know all of the right things to do but your body won't get you there.  That is where Core PT can help.  We do manual therapy.  For a yogi our job is easy.  Tell us what you can't do and we will correct the structural problem that is keeping you from your goals.  Your yoga practice will excel without these frustrating limitations.  We look forward to being part of your journey.