A different understanding offers a better solution…

Arthritis.  Degenerative Joint Disease.  Ouch.  You have been feeling stiff and achy for awhile and now you think you know why.  The future is laid out for you.  Control the symptoms with medications and when you are finally bad enough, you can have surgery, or a joint replacement.  

For many, this is a palatable plan.  For others, we need an alternative.  The drugs and surgery approach only makes sense if there isn't a cause for arthritis.   When you read medical sites about arthritis, they tell you they DO NOT know the cause of it.  If they did know the cause, they would have a much better treatment that would involve curing the problem, rather than managing its symptoms until they did surgery on it.  

At Core we have great news.  We understand the cause of arthritis and it is fixable.  When fixed, you can get better.  You won't need drugs and you won't need surgery.   

I can't tell you the cause right now because the cause is not the same  for every person.  Just like I can't give you one solution to make a baby stop crying, because many things make a baby cry.  To stop the crying baby, I would have to understand the crying baby.   To understand the cause of the "crying" joint, I would have to understand the crying joint.

Don't accept that getting worse is your only option.  Get on the track of feeling younger and more flexible.  Call us for a better understanding of your body.